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Alexander Mandragon

Karma, science, theory, research, story telling, and the spiritual.

A gradual progression of thought and reality. Moving from one point in life to another and beyond. I’ve come to a belief there’s no ceiling to hold mankind down. When we reach for the stars, we touch them.

Alexander Mandragon

We’re human beings, it’s in our nature to evolve. Standing still in the hope life will throw us a bone suggests progress has stalled. The truth however is quite the opposite, thank God. Groundbreaking technologies both physically and mentally are flooding the world like a blown dam. Bringing with it a torrent of possibilities for those who dare to progress.

The truth is, when I started Alexander Mandragon I was going to follow in the footsteps of Gregg Braden, connecting both the scientific and the spiritual world. As time moved on, and my free-flowing post idea took hold, I realized 91% of what I was writing fell under “Karma” or at least, my theory of it.

That’s what Alexander Mandragon is mostly about these days, Karma. Having said that, I do throw in the odd post here and there to help promote thinking. Plus, this blog helps when researching for my book. With that said, enjoy the blog. Here’s some posts to get you started. (Note, you should read my disclaimer first).

TheThinking Out LoudĀ Series.