3 “Written” Emoji’s – Guess The Meaning?

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“There is a balance to life, find it, explore it!..” – Unknown


Mission Impossible emoji

Where’s your benchmark? (Emoji #1)

The gates are never closed, only invisible behind the belief.

Did you know before Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile they thought it couldn’t be done? The moment he did, the gates were open for everyone to step through, and they did. Why? Because they knew it could be done. Want more examples? Huh, OK…

  • The Wright Brothers (that’s right, nice and easy to start). Before they took to the air in 1901, you guessed it! No one through “heavier than air flight” was possible. Look how far we’ve come!
  • Albert Einstein was once asked, “How does it feel to be the smartest man alive?”, he responded, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.” If it wasn’t for Mr Tesla the modem world we live in today would be completely different. Google: “Nikola Tesla patents.” He made the impossible, possible!
  • From science fiction, to the real world. “The force field!” Yes you read it right! Developed by Ady Hershcovitch and Acceleron, the plasma window, all though small, is a force field. Hmm, I wonder if they do lightsabers.
  • OK, how about an invisibility cloak?.. I’ve got to be pulling ya leg now, right?! Yes and no. Some physicists in the US have managed to cloak an object in two dimensions, be it on a tiny scale, but hey, the Wright Brothers didn’t build the jet.
  • Have you ever woken up and found your partner has stolen the blanket! We all been there. I feel ya pain! The other night after countless years, I woke to find I won the blanket wars! The clouds parted, angles began to sing, and I knew, the tables have turned!



Respect emoji

A question from Luke. (Emoji #2)

Imagine you live in a world where you only have to ask for something and its given. I’m talking about a world without money. Yeah I know it’s a foreign concept, how would it work? Lucky for you, for this visualization I have you covered! The system you’ll be follow is respect.

For example, I needed a car. So I go down the local dealers and asked for a Audi Q7 (only because value in a world without money is ones own view). Then the following day I did the same, and so on for the next 7 days. After the first day the dealer knew I didn’t need a car anymore, but he kept on giving.

Who’s in the wrong? The dealer for giving, or me for taking more than I needed? Me of course! The dealer was following the law, I wasn’t. If I was, I would have only asked for one Q7. In a world without money, there is no material greed.

Of course, in a world without money, there wouldn’t be a Q7 as we know today. Just saying. Anyway, moving on…



compassion emoji

A metaphor concerning relationships… (Emoji #3)

Imagine every relationship comes with a vault, be it friendship, business, an inanimate object or anything. All come with a vault. Unlike the everyday run-of-the-mill vaults this one is special, it’s magic, because it has the ability to touch the heart and fill it with emotions.

Lucky, these vaults are simple to understand. They have no doors, but can be filled and emptied. The currency, energy. The more it’s filled with love, compassion and happiness, the bigger it grows and shines like the sun.

On the flip side…

The more you fear, hate and feel the pain from those emotions, the more the vault leaks energy. You can be in the black, or red, but staying in the red diminishes it’s size and strength to the point where all the colours are drain away, making it small and brittle. Where the slightest breeze could turn it to dust.

You can be offered and then take a vault, or give a vault, but “only you” have the power to fill the vaults you have.

No one can do that for you.

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“There is a balance to life, find it, explore it! And you’ll see!” – Unknown



The Emoji Post Was Based On Science & The Spiritual. Bonus.

Food For Thought…


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