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Doubt Can Be Quite Subtle At Times

Hiding within the shadows of our decision-making, like a passive aggressive troll giggling to its self. Watching and waiting before it makes its move on our dreams!

So lets start by shining a light on this cheeky little monkey. But before I do that, I would like to point out there are two types of doubt, the angelic and the troll. One is a caution, offering a little common sense. The other is self-doubt, actively slowing and even stopping your progress in life. Nuts to that!

doubt #2We’ve all heard that little voice inside are head telling us we can’t do something, for whatever reason. I’m to young, or I’m to old, or I’m not smart enough or whatever, blah blah! I call this voice my little fluffy troll. It pops up every time I start something new and exciting, for others, it can be constantly chatting away at the back of there mind.

Personally, I don’t listen to it much these days. I consider myself older and wiser, like one of those old Kung Fu masters sitting on top of a mountain, twiddling his silky beard, pondering life.

While researching this topic I came across an article written by Dr. Gregory Jantz: how to move beyond doubt. This got me thinking about the Smile article I just posted.

Two of the tips talk about finding a mentor, and real friends who encourage your ability to achieve your goals. Which is a core belief held by successful entrepreneurs. The theory behind this is simple, people who don’t share your beliefs can have negative effects on your opinions, and vice versa. To counter this, we’re told to surround ourselves with people who share our beliefs, passions and desires. From there we grow!

I used to think the above was all about psychology and body language. However, after researching the electromagnetic field from the heart, I’m not that sure. Like I said in the Smile article, studies show us we’re effected by other people’s electromagnetic fields (for good or bad). So their emotional thoughts of you, dreams and goals could have a negative or positive affect within you!

I think you’ll agree, if you let go of all the negative thoughts bouncing around your noggin, life although challenging, would open up to you.

With no lines to be crossed, no ceiling holding you down, no closed doors. Life would be full of possibilities! All that would be left, would be to choose a direction.

We touched on this in the self-confidence post last month. I haven’t really got much to add, but on my hunt for information I did come across something interesting.

Have you ever heard of the Circumpunct before? It’s one of the oldest symbols found throughout history, and has been adopted by the mystery schools and freemasonry alike. Now, before you go running for your pitchforks, with the intent of burning me at the stake. Hear me out!

The circumpunct isn’t some cult magic, it’s a philosophy of the common use, and spiritual sense of the word. The dot within the circle is depicted as being “you” within the universe. It’s a way of knowing who you really are, to find your soul (beyond doubt and fear). You should read the article above, it’s enlightening.

When it comes to doubt:

If it pops up in your thoughts, remember you don’t need to believe in them. Let them talk, but don’t fight them. Don’t give them any energy to use. Let doubt fade to grey.

Ask yourself, “what would I do, and who would I be without doubt?” Really think about that throughout your day or week.

Will doubt stop you from getting what you want? From achieving your dreams and goals.

Lol.. The way I see it, no little fluffy troll is going to keep me down!


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Life begins where doubt ends

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Where you go from here is up to you


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