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Confession From The Weary

It’s no secret I have ASD – Autism spectrum disorder. More specifically, Aspergers. As you can imagine my life comes with it’s challenges, like constantly battling social problems, sensory issues, anxiety, depression, anger. Small talk…

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Helping A Friend – Social eyes

The first two links are about drones: Jacob: A friendly way to learn about it. The army drones Fiction book to read: On the topic of social skills (flirting): Watch the 32 questions video….

A glitch? or UFO?

Is This A UFO?

While Looking For A Garden Center On Google Maps I Came Across This…   What do you think it is? At first I thought it maybe a glitch (it happens), but as you can see,…

Motivation Formula

Stage 2 – Moving On

Saying Goodbye To Yesterday. It’s Time To Move On! Stage 2 Earlier this year I was sitting in a room no bigger than 9ft by 8ft. Despite the age of the room, the pale walls…

Guns Don't Kill People

Guns Don’t Kill People

I’m becoming weak, for my brothers and sisters cry. I call for peace, but that well is dry. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” – (Romeo Must Die) (DMX).  I know because of the…

Abandon One, To Embrace All

Abandon One. Embrace All

I can see… But I have a speck of dust in my eye. I can hear… But I have cotton buds in my ears. I can feel… But I’m wearing gloves. I can speak… But…


Pyramid of Giza. Debunking The News

My first in a new series: What’s The News Mystery SOLVED: Archaeologists uncover who made the Great Pyramid of Giza Mainstream news papers running the “same” story: Lol. Wow! You call that evidence?! Firstly,…