The Church – From The Darkness We Move

church into the light

I stand with true light, for I am a man of god.  And onto those that stand to block my light through lies and dark Religion. I offer you love and compassion. So be my light. So be my strength.

Oh yeah, I’m going there!

I was baptized into the church as a baby. Every Sunday I would go through the motions of putting on my Sunday best, walking to church with my family, and afterward, we would sit down for Sunday lunch together. To this day I still pray every night, talking to God, the angels and all that look upon my life.

However, me and the church never got on. The priest was awesome, a lovely man, God bless his soul. I was even an alter boy. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Of course, back then as a child I hadn’t a clue about its murderous history. So it wasn’t that which troubled me.

As the years moved on the answer came through a saying “from darkness there is light”. I realized, any and everything that tries to block my light, my growth, is a lie. We all know Christ consciousness is the message within the Bible, even if the Bible is abridged from 66 books and 40 writers.

Side-note… Who put the book together? If you say “God” you’re wrong, and at the same time you are right.

I’ve got nothing against the Bible, but I don’t believe in a church that uses fear and lies to make a profit, to manipulate and control. If anyone preaches fear, ask yourself this… Is it a lesson in polarity? Or is it designed to do something else?

Lol. Just after posting this I went to YouTube and found (Another great video from Jacobs)

My Church is life…


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