Elon Musk Does It Again!

Elon Musk and SpaceX

 At a space industry conference, Elon Musk ended his talk by dropping a bombshell…

City-to-City travel using his new mega-rocket nicknamed the BFR (Big F**king Rocket).

Sure it’s just a concept at this time, but weren’t all his dreams at one point? I have to admit, he’s an impressive man. No, I don’t have a man crush, but you have to respect anyone, man or woman, who against the odds reaches success. Lets face it, from the beginning the media and corporations who stood to lose money, hounded him. Some say it’s because he highlighted the controversial name (Tesla). Yeah maybe, but it’s more likely because of money.

Anyway, back to the post…

The following is a press release from SpaceX about City-to-City travel:

Do you want to watch the space industry conference talk, here it is:

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