Fate In A World Of Choices

Fate and choices

Thinking Out Loud #10

Is Fate Set In Stone

Or could there be a balance between what is, and what could be? After all, we make our own choices, we choose our own path.

I found myself asking this question the other day while helping my brother-in-law (Matt) repair a wall. Most of it was structurally sound, but where the top of the wall met the embankment a young tree was thriving, pushing out and cracking the wall 3 layers deep and 73 bricks across. With the wall being over 9ft tall, beside a bustling public walkway, there was no doubt, the tree had to go!

And just to think all this started by chance. Where a seed found its home and began to grow in a place that would eventually, many years later, seal its fate.

This wasn’t just an idle thought that sparked my interest. It was the links forming within my mind, piecing information together. As you know, I love researching scientific experiments (new and old) and their connection with the spiritual world (if any).

And within a short period of time I’ve built up quite a bit of data, just bouncing around my head. It needs a release! Besides, what’s the point of researching any of this if I don’t plan to explore it? I think you’ll agree, knowledge without wisdom is fruitless!

Bearing this in mind…

Have you ever heard of Dolores Cannon before? She was an incredible lady who invented the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Most knew her as a regressionist and hypnotherapist. Taking people beyond the subconscious mind to the core-self, where life as we know it has no bearing in our reality, so to speak. A place where most hypnotherapists refuse to go.

As her books started to sell out Dolores became a rock-star, touring many countries sharing her findings, in the hope of bringing more insight and understanding to the spirit world.

Imagine being taken back to your point of birth, back beyond the womb, back between life and death, and back still to a past life. The implications would be staggering, and would be a fantasy if it wasn’t for the results found in repetition. After gathering 1000’s of people from many different backgrounds and beliefs, the results were similar. Meaning, the subjects each personally experience a past life regression, and much more. (check out the video’s below).

What’s all this got to do with fate and the choices we make?

In a nutshell. There is a belief held in spirituality that our experience here on Earth is one of learning. Meaning, we’re here to gain wisdom from life, through the choices we make, from the experiences that are destined to happen. Each choice could open up new ways to view this experience. In a way, it’s like the ultimate virtual reality game, where free choice creates the outcome. This belief was echoed from Dolores Cannon’s work.

If you’re like me, you will want to find the science to back it up.

The choice here is huge. You could explore ION‘s work, theoretical physics, the consciousness experiments, the DMT studies, the controversial holographic universe, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is out there, and what we’re learning. All suggest that the reality we live in is far more complex than the common view. Like saying the sky is blue on a cloudless day. Even though that statement maybe true on it’s surface, it lacks the truth behind the reason.

Does any of this help understand fate and the choices we make? Maybe not. Though it does give us some subtext behind fate and choices.

The fate of this tree

Matt could have chose not to cut the tree down and repair the wall. This action would have left the local council with no choice but to pursue legal action. In the end, lets face it, the tree was coming down and the wall rebuilt. The outcome of the tree was always going to be the same. Though Matt’s choices on the other hand, wasn’t.

Can I prove fate is real and is used as a tool to help us grow, maybe. Can I prove each choice creates a different experience, definitely!

Dolores Cannon and QHHT:

A Little Bit Of Science:


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