Flow And The First Step To Get More Of It!

Flow #1Spiritual

Flow No. #1

We’ve all heard the saying:

It’s easier said than done

Where the answer to a problem is self-explanatory, but putting it into action isn’t. Creating flow isn’t that much different. It turns out it runs on “the present” as a fuel source. This means holding onto the past, or even thoughts of the future is going to cause you problems.

A realistic balance is needed between your past and future.

So if you’re one of those people who suffers from past memories coming back to haunt you, reaching flow is going to be harder. But believe it or not, it’s quite a common problem these days. So much so, hypnotists like Paul Mckenna have gone out their way to come up with a solution. (See links below).

Don’t let your thoughts and feelings escalate to anxiety. Understand, just as you turned them on, you can turn them off. Flick the switch!


Do you need these memories? Maybe on a subconscious level there’s something you’ve missed, a lesson you need to learn. Or maybe, you’re punishing yourself for a choice you made. Unless you have a time machine, which I’m guessing you don’t, changing past events is beyond your ability, but you can stop yourself from making the same mistakes.

My advice… Let go of the tension. Breathe! Explore the memory, find the right question and deal with it! Remember, the only person who experiences those feelings, from those memories, is you! Deal with them and move on! (Helpful links below).

Is your head full of dreams?

“You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me with an empty mind.” – Zen

There’s a difference between goals, and filling your spare time with dreams. Having a goal and an outlined plan to reach that goal is one of the keys to success in any venture. On the flip side, daydreams are just wishful thinking and hold no real station in your reality.

You maybe thinking (considering this blog is about Karma) “what about the law of attraction?” That’s a good question, and my answer is yours… When you plant a seed, do you go back, dig it up, and re-plant it over and over again, or do you let nature take its course?

A little thought…

There are going to be times in our lives when our reactions need to be quick. If our minds are full of overwhelming thoughts from the past and/or anxiety for the future, how can we see what’s happening in the moment we call life.

Flow is the ability to navigate through your environment without the internal noise.

Just imagine the weight that would be lifted if you didn’t hold onto the thoughts that block your flow.

I am… Not the past.

I am… Not the future.

I am that, I am.


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