Focus On A Bit Of Attitude

Focus Attitude

Every now and then its nice to be reminded that we’re more than the delusions of limitations

Thankfully I had that opportunity the other day when I met a lovely lady called Nadine, the CEO of The Autism Directory. We talked about a number of things from business, psychology to science and spiritualism. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the conversation as much as I did. She is a sharp quick thinking woman, but warm, with a natural down to earth demeanor that set the scene of our entire meeting.

And it wasn’t surprising the way the conversation moved through the above topic’s, after all, she is a business woman, a NLP coach, and well, I can’t help but talk about science and the connection within the spiritual world. I find the topic fascinating, what can I say?!

Anyway… I know I’m a positive, light-hearted and open-minded person.

I could have said that even before this blog and the research that came along with it. Though, towards the end of our meeting I leaked out a string of negative comments about myself. They just slipped out from god knows where? Without hesitation Nadine fired back a barrage of factual statements that left my mind reeling. It was like being in a boxing match blow for blow, and I was getting my ass kicked, lol. Fair play!

I guess sometimes you need to be reminded of who you are, and what you’re not. This is true no matter what back ground or station you hold.

For example, the ego (self-image) is the projection of what you want people to see, but is it really you? Hiding yourself behind a shield is bound to effect your life choices after all. So who are you? Do you know? Questions I was reminded of from my meeting with Nadine.

I personally can’t claim to know where I’m going because of the research I’m doing, but luckily, I still know who I am.

I’m constantly moving and flowing. What was new yesterday is old leathery boots today. At this point, all I can really say with a speckle of some certainty… The road ahead, filled with adventures and wonders, will far out stretch my imagination beyond the life I lead right now! I know this because I’m not a fool. I won’t turn my nose up at the little steps that present themselves along the way.

Hmm. We all know reaching a goal should be the ultimate achievement, but I wonder if success comes more from the conquests within the journey itself, you know, where the memories are formed.

Personally, I like to believe it’s both achievement and fulfillment. So if you’re like me and enjoy the adventure, here’s a useful thought to help you focus:

When someone commits themselves to an action, then they must become that action. All the noise from inner turmoil must be left behind. Only focus and the original commitment must remain. Do, or do not.


At last! I’ve got to quote star wars!.. I think my job here is done.

Move along now…



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