Goals – Creating A Positive Direction

Goals the energy we use

“All goal setting must be immediately followed by both the development of a plan, and massive and consistent action toward its fulfillment. You already have this power to act. If you haven’t been able to summon it, it’s merely because you have failed to set goals that inspire you.” – Anthony Robbins

The Second Element Of The Motivation Formula”Goals”

I thought it would be a great idea to explain what I meant by “energy” from the motivation formula. It’s the key to both motivation and setting specific goals. The following 9 tips are designed to help you reach a more success outcome. So if you’re ready…

Tip 1) Knowing Your Outcome

  • This is all about writing down the positive outcome you’re looking to achieve. Describe exactly what that is for you.
  • State it in a positive direction. Avoid all negative goals, for example “I do not want to be” or “I can’t be this way because…”
  • Write your goal as if you are standing at the finish line and already achieved it. (How does that feel?)

Tip 2) Ask Yourself the following questions:

  • What actions should I take to increase my success today, this week, this month?
  • What can I do on my own to make this happen?

Tip 3) Plan With Context

  • Context Video
  • If you plan to make £750.000 within a year, you need to add the steps that will get you there. When doing this use the context of the environments from point “A” to “Z”.
  • When it comes to your goal, map out what is needed and why it’s needed. Know your budget, locations, people, time frames etc. Add the details in context.

Tip 4) Your 5 Senses

A powerful outcome uses your 5 senses. This reinforces a positive subconscious attachment. Here’s a video to help you understand:

  • Sensory Modalities
  • Now you understand what I mean. Use your senses when writing your outcome/goal plan.

Tip 5) Objectives

Tip 6) Getting The Support

Again we touched on this in the context part. Sometimes we may need support. This normally comes down to resources, like team members, information, tech etc. Be specific.

Tip 7) Read through and Check Ecology

Tip 8) Milestone Goals

At this point I think it goes without saying, set milestones. This helps to maintain the course of action you’ve set yourself in your goal plan. It shows how far you’ve come and shows where you need to go next.

Ongoing) Move and flow

  • Sometimes you need to be flexible. If your plan isn’t working, change it! Don’t keep doing something that’s not working. Move and flow!
  • My point is this… You may have things pop up that are not in your plan, that’s OK. If there is a problem between you and your next step, work around it, go through it or break it down.

Goals steps moving forward

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