My Top 5 Off-The-Grid Green Energy Sources

Green energy

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The Top 5 Green Energy Sources You Can Use Today!

For years I’ve been looking into ways to completely move away from main suppliers, and only use green energy to maintain my home. I want to go off the grid for good! My motivation doesn’t just come down to the money I would save or helping the environment. I just wanted the freedom of it.

So today I’m going to give you my top 5 green energy sources you can use at your home…

Home Biogas

You may have heard about big biogas plants from around the world, but did you know you could have one built in your own backyard? I’m not talking about a massive unit either, its the size of a small shed. Here’s the links:

Energy Storage

Collecting free energy isn’t a problem any more. However, there was a time when storing it was. Relatively speaking, energy storage is the new kid on the block. Sure, there were products out there you could use, but up until recently storing green energy was unreliable. Now these days thanks to people like Elon Musk we have the capability to use energy gathered throughout the day, at night.

Here’s a link with Elon Musk explaining his product, but remember, there are other great products out there to:

Solar Power Energy And Heating

This doesn’t need much explaining, we all know what solar power can do for us. From creating energy, to heating up the home. But I needed to add it. So here’s the links:

Wind power

There is no doubt wind power works both in the day and at night. Having said that, there has been recorded issues from noise, environmental and in some cases health problems. If you choose to go down this road, you may want to look into these issues first before investing any money.

Heat Pump

These are amazing products. A must for off-the-grid living in my view. It’s a way to heat your home and give you hot water throughout the year. If you’re using solar and energy storage it will be free of course, but even if you didn’t, it would dramatically reduce the cost on your heating.

Added note…

OK. So there are other and better ways to create free energy, like zero point. However, there are a few road blocks in the way which at the moment at least,¬†prevents the products from hitting the commercial market. But in the interest of covering all angles, here’s the links:

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