I AM… The Seed – The Thought – The Intent

"I AM" seed


For the last 3 weeks, maybe more, I’ve looked into the seed both spiritually and mentally. In many ways I dedicated the last 4 posts in the attempt of strengthening and reinforcing my foundations in which I view my karma theory:

  1. The Seed – Intent.
  2. Attraction – What is given, is received.
  3. Allowance – One is All.
  4. Balance – What will be.

Look, I know for a fact there’s more to be said about the seed (including the links between), but sometimes you need to move forward to make the connections with the past. So my following posts on this theory will focus on the (attraction) section. Besides, I think we all need to stretch our legs and refresh our thoughts. Too much of something could blind possibilities and momentum.

But, before I do that…

Have you ever heard the saying “I am a man/woman of God.” Do you understand what it means? Of course, like everything these days every man and his dog has their own opinion on this (me included). Some want to help you grow, others knowingly or not build barriers between you and your light. But hey, we live in a complex world, and at the end of the day, only you can choose the path you walk.

That being said…

I need to clear something up from my last post “Self-Discovery Or Self-Awareness.” Imagine a patch of rich soil. Now imagine placing a seed within that soil. Now imagine being that seed. You know you need to grow, to escape the soil in which you found yourself surrounded by. So you take in all nutritional minerals from the soil and the water from the heaven’s. You start to open up and stretch out towards the sun. From there, well…

Growing seed

My point, the seed was not lost. It knew what it was. Which brings me back to “I AM”.

In the foundation article I quoted this:

“You know what makes a good riddle? One which is not a riddle. A condensed version of an understanding that is accessible to people with the right foundations.”

“I am a man/woman of God” is one of those riddles. Like always, I’m going to let you do your own research on this topic, but again, like always, I’m going to offer you a few links to get you started:

  • Your Inner Self. It’s a bit of a long read, but if you can make it to the end, you’ll understand the beginning.
  • Wayne Dyer. Meditation and a little more understanding. *****
  • Alan Watts. How to contact your higher self.

So I leave you with this… I am that, I am

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Researching science and spirituality is something of a hobby. Plus, it helps when writing my book (fiction). I love digging into the logical and creative side of life. I find it interesting and fun! It was through this research I came across my understanding of Karma (be it right or wrong). Yes I know, my blog may seem a little kooky at times, but I like puzzles, so... Anyway... I hoped you enjoy what you saw. Thanks for reading. Have the best day ever! Comments are turned off, sorry.