I am, that I am.

Passon, compassion, and love

Only one can control the light.

Transparent, hiding not behind the masks of men.

With strength of thought to cultivate the finest fruit, to grow the strongest tree, creating the perfect flower.

Reality, becomes dreams within heartbeats, moved by desire, compassion, and love.

The flowing streams, rivers, and oceans.

Living as one in the infinite waves of energy.

Going back to the first spark.

The first dance.

Where there is no me, or you. Just one, dancing in the field with one.

Experiencing more.

I am, that I am.


I am, that I am.

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Researching science and spirituality is something of a hobby. Plus, it helps when writing my book (fiction). I love digging into the logical and creative side of life. I find it interesting and fun! It was through this research I came across my understanding of Karma (be it right or wrong). Yes I know, my blog may seem a little kooky at times, but I like puzzles, so... Anyway... I hoped you enjoy what you saw. Thanks for reading. Have the best day ever! Comments are turned off, sorry.

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