Is This A UFO?

A glitch? or UFO?

While Looking For A Garden Center On Google Maps I Came Across This…



What do you think it is?

At first I thought it maybe a glitch (it happens), but as you can see, it looks like it’s moving. At a guess not knowing the shutter speed, I would say about 560 mph. Like I always say, do your own research! Google it yourself (copy & Paste: 51.575650, -3.246111) and zoom in. It looks like it’s been highlighted in a black outlined shadow. Weird, right?!

Do you think Google’s playing with us, or is it really a UFO? Either way, you have to admit, it’s an interesting find!

Well, that’s another thing off my bucket list! “Find weird shit on Google maps.” Check!

Questions of thought: Is there anyway of finding the date and time a Google map image was taken? Was there any reported UFO sightings around that time. Yes or no??


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