Law of Karma – Podcast From The Rosy Cross


I came across this podcast while researching Quinta da Regaleira, an estate located near Sintra in Portugal. At the time I was trying to find a connection between the date of 1313, and something else. Like it often happens when hunting down information of a particular topic, I stumbled upon an unexpected surprise. Today, it was the Rosy Cross.

Just in case you missed it, the Rosy Cross or Rosicrucian are an order that offers teachings within spiritual wisdom, expanded awareness, sense of connectedness, and mastery of life. I’m guessing there’s more to it than that, but hey, as starting blocks go, that’s pretty good!

I have found myself coming across this order more frequently these days. As you can imagine, be it coincidence or synchronicity, I would be a fool if I didn’t take a closer look.

Anyway, one page lead to another, and I found myself on the podcast page.

The podcast I’m focusing on today though comes from the Rosicrucian Archives, and it focuses on the Law of Karma. The podcast was narrated by Raymond Morgan, FRC back in (1974). A well spoken man, but other than that, and the fact he’s part of the order, there’s not much I can give you about his history. Though it turns out this recording is within YouTube.

I’m pointing you back to the Rosicrucian podcast page because I love the information there, and I’m guessing you would to.

Here’s the link:

From the Rosicrucian Archives: Law of Karma–Raymond Morgan, FRC (1974)

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