Motivation Formula – What Is It To You?

Motivation Formula

Motivation Formula:

Move Away from + Energy + Move Towards

The motivation formula works like this:

  • Move Away From: (A powerful negative feeling) Something/s that repels you.
  • Energy: Is the force used for focus, planning and discipline.
  • Move Towards: (A powerful positive feeling) something/s that pulls and pushes you towards the big picture, what drives you forward.

Straight forward enough!

Motivation. You can check out the links below to help you with your goals, but for now, here’s some tips:

  • Learn to visualize your big picture. Live it within you minds-eye (see, feel, hear, smell and taste).
  • Only allow positive subconscious motivation to run in the background. Take control.
  • Don’t put too much emphasis on the negative, the (move away from) element of the formula. This should only be used as a warning system. If you get to close to the line, alarm bells ring! You get the idea, right?!
  1. Goals And There Outcome
  2. Richard Bandler discusses the nature of motivation – Article
  3. Motivational Speech Compilation – YouTube 30:19




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