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The multiverse Explain By A Young

Yet Beautiful Mind

My comprehension of the multiverse and quantum mechanics comes down to what I’ve researched. I have my own theories of course made evident by the category you found this post in. Though I have to admit I’m constantly reminded how deep the rabbit hole goes. Which is like honey to a bee. I always want more.

So when I came across Max talking about the extremely interesting yet controversial Mandela effect I couldn’t help myself, I had to click play. I was intrigued on how he was going to connect the dots. Like I said, I have my own theories and I was wondering whether or not Max’s concept of the Mandela effect would include it, which it did.

What I wasn’t expecting is how incredible his mind is… Enjoy. I did!

Want to know more about the multiverse?

Like most topics there are more than one side to a coin. In some cases it can branch out into a cobweb of possibilities. But knowing where to start it key. People will have their views just like you, and that’s good. Sometimes to grow we need to have debates to move forward.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t limit yourself to a singular point of view. Explore, learn and talk with others on the topics you find interesting.

  1. 5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse – By Clara Moskowitz
  2. Before the Big Bang 4 : Eternal Inflation & The Multiverse – YouTube 59:53 minutes.
  3. The Multiverse – Part 1: Introduction & Misconceptions – YouTube 28:54 minutes

I’m going to leave you with this today…

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