Positive Words For Positive Thinking

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. Willie Nelson

Want To Get A Better Outlook On Life?

Try Combining Positive Words In Your Thoughts!

Imagine this when thinking about positive words:

When you rub a magnet across a piece of steel in one direction, over time it becomes magnetized. Now imagine words are like magnets, and that your subconscious mind is made from steel… Could this be a problem, or does it show potential?

Consider a bit of caution with the words you use. For instance telling yourself “I can’t” isn’t going to help.

So whats the solution?

Positive words post. JokeWell, stop talking of course!.. Just kidding, unless you’re selling life insurance via the phone! After about two weeks of constant calling, I’m kind of getting a little paranoid. I had one woman tell me last week I might suffocate in my sleep. Though to be fair, that was my misses. I may of suggested her thighs looked big! But in my defense, that guy did have smaller thighs than her. So…

Anyway, back to today’s post

The solution? Yes you guessed it! Use other words and phrases. For example:

  1. I would love to
  2. I absolutely agree
  3. That’s a fantastic idea (this one is great if your about 70 years old)

I personally find using positive words in my everyday life to be more effective. Meaning, it’s not the words, but the combination and the emotions attached to those words within my thoughts that create the outcomes. Here’s a list I found online from positive word research.

One more thing. I may have been playful when writing this post, but don’t underestimate the power of using different words in your vocabulary. I’m still trying to find my footing with the whole blogging thing. If jokes help you to remember, great! If not, well?!

Do you like to spamming your friends with pictures with writing on them? If so, help yourself:

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