Pre-Crime & The Determinism philosophy


The other day while flicking through YouTube I came across an interesting video posted by Jacob Israel (a great YouTuber btw). He, like many people these days are concerned about A.I, and more recently, its involvement with pre-crime. Which apparently is a thing now (here’s his video). Anyway, this got me thinking…

They couldn’t be using the determinism philosophy to predict crime, right!? Could you imagine the implications.

Lets get the obvious out the way first… The spider’s web of data needed would be crazy. The mapping of the individual internal thoughts and the personal understanding of those thoughts, per person, would be nuts! And that’s not even talking about the environmental interaction with others and chance. Imagine the real-time processing and data storage needed for one person, let alone 7.442 billion people. So, this as a stand alone possibility is a little unlikely.

Point 2: If they know when and how a crime will be committed, wouldn’t they be admitting their understanding of why a+b=c.

If every event could be pin-pointed, then who’s at fault? If somewhere in history a chance domino effect starts a chain reaction that links one action to another, wouldn’t the first domino be at fault? Of course you could say, “well, if you disrupt the line then you stop the process” (that’s what pre-crime would be after all). Yes, but now we’re back to every action has a reaction.

If that’s the case, you could say, the people who created pre-crime have added their only input to the events leading up to the crime itself, or at very least, the governing bodies of the world (if you understand my meaning).

If we’re putting all our chips on the determinism philosophy, it would sent out a shock wave across the world, telling everyone, there’s no such thing as free will. Though, René Descartes may argue that theory, I think.

Again, to me this says determinism couldn’t be a stand alone system in pre-crime. Hmm…

OK, lets say A.I was able to pin-point some of the elements, it would still miss the key internal thoughts and understandings of each person. Just because someone has done this and that in the pass, chance has a way of change everything (the butterfly effect). As you can imagine, that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg.

If however they found a way to read our electromagnetic field, well, that would be interesting. We know from science that our emotions are released through our heart, believe it or not that’s a fact, you should look it up. We’re also told the same could be said about our brain and body in general, though in different ways.

The problem of course would be… If they had the tech to read it, then they have to tech to interact with it. Again, free will would be affected. Which means they understand how to read (or even, manipulate) thought.

Yeah I know, a bit far-fetched, but roll with me on this…

Again, lets point out the obvious… It would mean that the determinism philosophy is incorrect. We all have free will, but would also mean consciousness could be read, or at least, our thoughts in real-time without the need for too much processing power and data storage (relatively speaking).

One possibility how this tech could work is…

We seen technology grow at a rapid rate over the years. Of course, some tech has a lag before we the common people learn about it. So it’s hard to say how they plan to predict crime (because by telling us the full story, changes the results), but if we were to look at what we know, like the power lines networking the globe, and the fact that, the electromagnetic field of “electric itself” from the supplier has changed (it no longer acts the way it should). We could come to the following theory:

Have you ever used a Tp-link powerline to boost internet connection in you home?

It uses your internal electric wiring as an internet connection (in a nutshell) here’s the link. Anyway, my point… This same technology, it would seem, is being used to bounce an electromagnetic field back to the main source supplier, where it goes from there, no one knows. However in the US, there is a team researching this strange phenomenon (I was pointed to this -> Here’s the video. Forward to 52:00 minutes in).

I don’t know whether the above link is real or not. However it does give you an idea of how predictions could happen in real-time, by reading someones electromagnetic field. Hey, it’s just a theory. Who knows right!? Its better then the psychic angle 😉

Truth be told…

I don’t think the above theory could be real, but the facts are. Like always, I’m just showing you “things” that do play a role in the world, and the choices we make because of them. Elements within the machine so to speak.

Pre-crime is more likely to be the following (see video below). By using our own tech, they have the processing power and the data storage needed to make “a guess”. Though as you already know, this doesn’t count the internal thoughts of each person. And… And this is a big AND, nobody could be “openly” arrested without committing a crime first. So I ask you… Whats the point of pre-crime?


I will say this, I’m not worried about pre-crime. There has to be a balance. There are reasons some people take an inch… Some people take that inch back. Life is weighed and measured. There are rules to this game after all 🙂

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