Psychological Triggers… Thinking Out Loud #1

Issue #1

We are not a victim of our emotions or thoughts. We can understand our triggers and use them as tools to help us respond more objectively. Elizabeth Thornton

Thinking Out Loud #1

Trigger Me This…

Friday 29th March

Psychological Triggers suuny morningThis morning while having breakfast out on the patio, I found myself pondering the complex inner working of life. It’s rare to feel such heat from a morning sun, to feel a soft warm breeze as it plays “rustles my leaves” with the near by oaks. And although it’s normal to hear the birds, bee’s and animals waking up and going about their business, today somehow felt different. Even the beautiful vista I always love, with its rolling fields in all their rich shades, and the amazing deep green mountains stretching for miles in every direction.

Something felt lighter. Like I flicked a switch and Bam! Welcome to Earth 2 point AWESOME!

This got me thinking “I should do these drugs everyday!” Kidding, I’m just kidding!.. I couldn’t afford them everyday 😉

Seriously though, it did start the cogs turning. I’ve sat in this spot countless times before. Most of the time I’m just thinking of the day ahead without giving much thought to the world around me. Maybe it was the feeling of the sun shining down or at least the wonder of it.

It evoked memories of summer holidays and the younger me having adventures with my friends. The more these happy moments entered my minds-eye, the happier I became. All my senses came alive and I felt limitless!

I found myself saying… Breathe

I wanted to soak it all up. To create a trigger, a snapshot of this moment. We’ve all experiences those times in life where we wanted to savor every second, this was one of them. I’m guessing I probably looked mental staring off into the distance with a big smile on my face, but who cares!

The way I see it, we all have the ability to create triggers. So I say “make them the best they can be!” Or at least, build on the ones that create great feelings!

About psychological triggers

As you can imagine most of the info out there leans more towards the problem side of psychological triggers. However, I have found some interesting posts on the topic:

  1. Triggers NLP – Stuart Tan: YouTube
  2. How We Make Memories – Crash Course: YouTube
  3. Controlling Your Triggers – Dr. Gary Daniel: YouTube

A Trigger in NLP is the external event or internal belief that starts a behaviour or response.


Psychological Triggers pic #2

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