Pyramid of Giza. Debunking The News


My first in a new series: What’s The News

Mystery SOLVED: Archaeologists uncover who made the Great Pyramid of Giza

Lol. Wow! You call that evidence?!

Firstly, how did they load and unload the “boat?” Let me ask you something… What size would a modern ship have to be to hold that much weight? It’s just a guess, but it’s going to be big, right?! This press release talks about a “boat” made out of wood and rope. Come on, really?!

Plus, where’s the evidence of slave? I’ll make it easier for you, just show me “one” piece of evidence, just one! Also, where’s the evidence of how it was built?? The truth is, this story is full of shit! No evidence was shown to back the title up. Guessing or wishful thinking isn’t a scientific answer. I could tell you I was born on the moon, it doesn’t make it true. I was born on Mars 😉

But hey, people like to fill holes to match their way of thinking. It’s like using brute force to push a square object through a triangle hole. Yeah, over time you may get it in, but it’s going to be messy.

The only thing we can say to be true, is that, the Pyramid’s of Giza was built by a greater intelligence than our own.

Added note: I have a gardener come round ever month. He uses a van to move products to and from my garden. By using the logic of this press release… You could say he built my home.

Conclusion: Debunking The News

  • Clickbait Title.
  • No evidence to support their titles claims.
  • Used as a tool to suggest baseless claims and hearsay.
  • The new piece of evidence wasn’t shown in any format, so lacked details.

Like most people I find the topic fascinating. So the find is great news. Just be careful about what you take it, and of course, how it is being told.

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