Seed Of Intent. Thoughts To Sow.

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The Seed Of Thought And The Power Within

Did you know we’re all connected? I’m not talking metaphorically here, both Albert Einstein and David Bohm talked about the topic in-depth. If you didn’t know, it didn’t stop there. Over the years great minds from around the world have picked up the batten and expanded old knowledge. And thanks to the internet, we can view their papers and the results that followed. Food for thought.

But whats all this got to do with the “seed”?

It occurred to me if everything is connected, the only thing that would separate one thing from another would be the density. Meaning data collected in a local spot. For example, a seed of an apple tree would hold a different density then say an orange seed (each loaded with different data). So when you plant these seeds they grow into an apple or orange tree.

spiritual seedThese days of course we can play around with the biological structures and create things like candy floss grapes. Yum! Or the Broccoflower, a beautiful looking vegetable.

Now like all my posts, it wasn’t by accident choosing that vegetable as a picture. If you have a love for mathematics you would have seen the Fibonacci sequence or a fractal pattern.

I wanted to pull you back to the idea that energy is endless, or at least, our understanding of it.

Summing it all up so far:

We know we’re all connected, and that density (clusters or groups of data) creates individualism or perspective. Now if it’s true, that we draw from an endless supply of energy (which evidence suggests), then could it also be true that the seeds we grow within our thoughts have limitless potential? After all, thoughts are made up of energy.

It would be a good idea to mention at this point, we don’t truly know what energy is. We can observe it, put it into categories, but knowing actually what it is, well, that’s still a mystery. However what we do know is that different types of densities vibrate at different frequencies.

“In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.” Wikipedia

In this video (13:20 minutes in) Professor Julius Sumner Miller talks about the reaction of an already vibrating plate’s effect on a non vibrating plate. The result of course is resonance. Remember my “Smile” post where I talked about the heart field experiments? Where the electromagnetic field from your heart effects the environment around you. To me this is resonance.  I tried to open the door to this in my “Fate in a world of choices” article by leaving a Quantum Fields video at the bottom of the page.

“A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes.”Wikipedia

seed of thought

One Thought, One Mind.

Imagine a room full of people experiencing the same thing. Move beyond the picture above. Can you think of anywhere else where groups of people mass together and view a common thought? Really think about this because it’s important (there are many answers). And all draw me to this question: Does concentrated thought (energy) effect the world around us?

Well, after many experiments Lynne McTaggart says yes! More information found here the Intention Experiment. The main site is here ->  TIE.

So what does all this point to?

The seed is one of thought and when you add a powerful intention using emotion, you create resonance. From there, well…

Here’s some other keywords that kept on popping up throughout my research of this topic:


So the seed is and always will be. Whatever the seed or vibration it holds, the effect is the result of the cause.

Thought + Emotion + Intent + (everything is energy) = Seed

Added note: Have you seen this number before (1111).

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