Stage 2 – Moving On

Motivation Formula

Saying Goodbye To Yesterday. It’s Time To Move On!

Stage 2

Earlier this year I was sitting in a room no bigger than 9ft by 8ft. Despite the age of the room, the pale walls made it look clean, and less claustrophobic somehow. There was no windows, just tube lighting that buzz to life the moment I opened the door. The ceiling had old 60’s tatra style tiles, which reminded me of school, and the floor was made up of tough blue carpet.

The room was empty except for a crappy looking aluminum desk, and two matching chairs which stood in the middle.

“Welcome Alex,” a small heavy-set woman said while striding passed me, and sitting down at the desk. After unpacking her bag which consisted of a pen, a notepad and a thin file, she leaned back to look at me. “Please, take a seat” she said waving her hand towards the chair opposite. I smiled and said “Thanks, but I’m good. I’ve got loads of chairs back home, besides, it’s a bit naff.” My interviewer didn’t crack a smile, she just kept on looking at me until I sat down. Which I like to add, was a little weird, but what did I expect?!

Once seated she smiled and said, “So Mr Mandragon, how can I help you?”

From that day I had an agenda, a plan involving many stages, and many systems. My goal, big picture, or whatever you want to call it depended on each ones success, or in some cases, failure. The first stage in-part involved cryptic messages, riddles and puzzles. There’s a reason why I purposely went out my way to build a certain foundation. Now, it’s time for stage two.

As every second ticks on the clock face, the faster I will grow.

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Researching science and spirituality is something of a hobby. Plus, it helps when writing my book (fiction). I love digging into the logical and creative side of life. I find it interesting and fun! It was through this research I came across my understanding of Karma (be it right or wrong). Yes I know, my blog may seem a little kooky at times, but I like puzzles, so… Anyway… I hoped you enjoy what you saw. Thanks for reading. Have the best day ever! Comments are turned off, sorry.