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Conspiracy Over Time

It would seem when it comes to our ancient history, using logic to piece evidence together no longer applies. We rather tell stories and call them proof, than actually saying, “ancient people were more advanced!”

We can only guess why:

For example: We know from science that high levels of co2 is the result of the world heating up, and not the other way around. Yes, we are going through climate change, but not because of co2. Why hold this information back from the mainstream? Well, what would the evidence imply?


We’re told that slaves built the pyramids. Then we’re told, “they weren’t slaves.” Great news, but that doesn’t mean they built it. In fact, to this day there’s no evidence to support that theory. The same can be said about it being a tomb! By following the evidence we do have, it implies something completely different.

If there’s no evidence to a theory, then it’s just a fictional story. That’s just basic logic.

For a bit of fun I’m going to explain chemtrails, HAARP, the underground cities, and ley lines. It’s a quick theory I made up an hour ago, which sounds good, but at the same time, I’ve just made it up!

(Always do your own research – To believe without evidence is what???).

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How Would You Terraform A World With Little To No Atmosphere?

What we know to be true:

[The Earth’s shields.

Earth’s magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth’s interior out into space, where it meets the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. Its magnitude at the Earth’s surface ranges from 25 to 65 microteslas (0.25 to 0.65 gauss)..” – Earth’s magnetic field

“A great many of the tiny pieces of matter in the earth’s magnetosphere don’t come from the sun’s solar wind. They come from the earth. Earth can lift air particles into space and these particles will become charged by the time they get there. The Earth’s atmosphere is protected from the solar wind by the magnetosphere.” –

What creates a Magnetic field?

All magnetic fields are created by moving charged particles. … An electromagnet is a magnet that relies on an electric current to produce the magnetic field. The simplest electromagnet is simply a wire carrying a current, which generates a magnetic field all around the wire.” – Unknown. (Google: What creates a magnetic field).

MAGNETS: How Do They Work?

Charged particles?

“Charged particle. In physics, a charged particle is a particle with an electric charge. It may be an ion, such as a molecule or atom with a surplus or deficit of electrons relative to protons. It can be the electrons and protons themselves, as well as other elementary particles, like positrons.”Charged particle

An electromagnet is a magnet that relies on an electric current to produce the magnetic field. The simplest electromagnet is simply a wire carrying a current, which generates a magnetic field all around the wire. By wrapping the wire into a coil, the magnetic field becomes stronger in the center of the coil.” – How Magnetic Fields Are Created

Electric Fields: Crash Course Physics #26

What are ley-line?

“Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are apparent alignments of land forms, places of ancient religious significance or culture, often including man-made structures. They are ancient, straight ‘paths’ or routes in the landscape which are believed to have spiritual significance.” – Ley line

“Gloucestershire’s ley lines Ley lines are one of the most enduring earth mysteries. A network of prehistoric pathways criss-crossing the country, some believe them to have mystical significance. By Dave Wood, Anne Piper and Cindy Nunn.” – The BBC

Lets say that Earth was at some point terraform, if true, we would find places spaced equally apart where the ley lines meet. As we learned from the electric field video above (electrostatic equilibrium) (e=0), which takes us back to fields.

The ozone layer – (O3).

Q.6 20 Questions: 2010 Update Section I: OZONE IN OUR ATMOSPHERE Stratospheric ozone. Stratospheric ozone is formed naturally by chemical reactions involving solar ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) and oxygen molecules, which make up 21% of the atmosphere. In the first step, solar ultraviolet radiation breaks apart one oxygen molecule (O 2 ) to produce two oxygen atoms (2 O) (see Figure Q2-1). In the second step, each of these highly reactive atoms combines with an oxygen molecule to produce an ozone molecule (O 3 ). These reactions occur continually whenever solar ultraviolet radiation is pres – ent in the stratosphere. As a result, the largest ozone produc – tion occurs in the tropical stratosphere.” – The q2.PDF

The Earth’s shields.]


“Water is the solvent that transports many essential molecules and other particles around the body. These include nutrients and waste products from the body’s metabolic processes. Particles such as some ions and molecules need to be able to move around biological organisms.” – What is water.

“Why is water so important to life? It all has to do with the unique properties that water exhibits. Firstly, it is the only substance on Earth that is in liquid form at the temperatures commonly found on the Surface of our planet. Secondly, it is a superb solvent, meaning that other substances regularly and easily dissolve into it. This allows water to carry nutrients to cells, and carry waste away from them.” – Water is Important for Life

Without the atmosphere, Earth would be lifeless. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) are the most important gases for living organisms. CO2 is vital for use by plants in photosynthesis, in which plants use CO2 and water to convert the Sun’s energy into food energy.” – High School Earth Science


“So how did Earth end up with an atmosphere made up of roughly 21 percent of the stuff? The answer is tiny organisms known as cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. These microbes conduct photosynthesis: using sunshine, water and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates and, yes, oxygen.” – The Origin of Oxygen in Earth’s Atmosphere (Scientific American).

Whats next…

Lets say we wanted to Terraform Moon, how would we go about it…


So we know terraforming the moon in the future could be possible, though not the best idea. Mars on the other hand, well

  • At the beginning you’ll need an underground city to shield yourself from radiation, or meteorites from bashing you on your head. Remember with little to no atmosphere, you’ll have next to no protection from its weak magnetosphere.
  • You’ll need to boost the poles magnetic fields and inner dynamo. You could do this by creating ley lines, or reinforcing the ones already in use (e=0).
  • Then you would need to increase the amount of charged particles. You could use the HAARP and Chemtrail system.
  • Hmm whats left… Add water and life…

OK, this wasn’t clickbait. I used the above theory to show you how HAARP, chemtrails, the underground cities, and ley lines “could have” be used in the past. Why they were used or being used, well, without the evidence, how can we come-up with a conclusion?

And that’s the point of this post, because people like to fill holes. Holding back any information create a void, which someones going to fill.

If you want to hide something, where do you put it?

“Every Theory Is Possible” Until it’s not! Ask the right questions… Pull apart the answers!


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