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Thinking Out Loud #7

Alexander Mandragon – Update

It’s a little weird sometimes how science works. On one hand its one way, and on the other hand its another. Take our bodies for instance, we’re told all but our Brain cells are replaced every 7 to 10 years (when a brain cell dies it does not or can not be replaced). On the other hand scientific research also suggests we can generate new nerve cells within our brain. So which is it?

The other day while flicking through YouTube (which is becoming a daily thing now) I found an interesting video on the pyramids in Indonesia. Even though I find the subject fascinating, what caught my attention was how mainstream archeology seems to be trying to slow progress down. This got me thinking, could mainstream science be doing the same thing, and if so, why?

Don’t go running for your tin foil hats just yet, it was just a pasting thought.

You see, I believe we are all both scientific and spiritual in nature. We have the creativity and the logic to piece information together objectively and emotionally. With our imagination we can theorize new possibilities, and logically piece them together. In essence, we have a tool of expansion and growth within us.

As you already know, over the last 4 weeks I’ve been researching human development. But have you noticed, how it leans more towards the spiritual side? I have! Don’t get me wrong, there was always going to be an element of this to this blog because of the experiments within quantum physics. However, my intentions were relatively simple at the beginning. All I had to do was research human development, practice techniques if any, and to write about how humans can evolve without being held to any dogma or fear of change.

Simple enough…

As time moved on, I began to see something unbelievable through the scientific, historic and spiritual research I’ve been doing. I’m guessing you have your views on what this may be. I’m still trying to piece it all together. But what I can say without any doubt… We are connected to infinity within the Fibonacci sequence.We are the spirit within the machine, so to speak. We are a Soul with a body.

so below

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Researching science and spirituality is something of a hobby. Plus, it helps when writing my book (fiction). I love digging into the logical and creative side of life. I find it interesting and fun! It was through this research I came across my understanding of Karma (be it right or wrong). Yes I know, my blog may seem a little kooky at times, but I like puzzles, so... Anyway... I hoped you enjoy what you saw. Thanks for reading. Have the best day ever! Comments are turned off, sorry.