Water Diet: Stage One (3 days only)

Water diet

Goal: Drink Water for three days without food.


(Pre water diet) Day 0:

I kind of through myself into this water diet. Don’t get me wrong, I was prepared. Well, to a point. The problem was the unknown. Sure I did my research. I understood how it worked, it’s not rocket science. Though, I was about to do something I’ve never done be for. With this in mind:

Supplements Used:

Pure C8 MCT Oil3 x 15ml(Throughout the day)
Chia Seeds3g(Throughout the day)
Glucomannan (Konjac)3 x 15ml(Throughout the day)
Gymnema Sylvestre1 x 400mg capsule(Morning)


So I was told the first 3 days were going to be were going to be a nightmare. Not only will I be battling hunger pains, I’ll be breaking a life long pattern of eating 3 meals a day, with all the goodies in between. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to it. However, like I said, I wasn’t going into this blind. I knew by using the above supplements I would shrink my stomach, and by doing so, take away some of that hunger pain.

So what happened?

Day 0 wasn’t what I thought it would be. Sure, I was hungry, but no were near what I imagined. I did have a Bovril drink at lunch time (which was nasty!), and a cup of soup for dinner. Other than that, I had the above supplements.

My intake for that day was about 250 Kcals.
Water intake was around 2 – 3 litres


Water Diet Day 1: A little harder.

I never feel hungry in the morning, so no change there. Though around 11am things got tough. Minute after minute, all I could thinking about was food. Frankly, It was driving me nuts! That were MCT oil and a Gymnema came into play.

Added advice for those thinking of doing this diet: Drink lots of clean filtered water (distilled water if possible), and find something to do to take your mind off not eating.

Supplements Used:

30ml of MCT Oil.
1 Gymnema Sylvestre.


From food0 Kcals.(No food eaten).
From MCT0 Kcals.15ml at 11am and 8pm.
From GymnemaUnknown.x1 at 1pm.
From water (3 – 4 litres)Unknown.(Throughout the day)

Side effects:

You can feel the energy from MCT within 10 minutes. Take with lots of water.
Gymnema? None that I’ve noticed.
You pass a lot more water. (ya pee a lot).
Slight headache towards the end of the day.


Water diet Day 2:

I woke up with a slight headache. At this point it started to dawn on me what I was doing. I was depriving my body of food. There’s a difference between knowing what you’re going to do, then doing it, and knowing you’re in it. Lucky for me, I did my research beforehand. So I kept with it.

Supplements Used:

45ml of MCT Oil.


From food0 Kcals.(No food eaten).
From MCT0 Kcals.15ml at 12am, 3pm and 8pm.
From water (4 – 6 litres)Unknown.(Throughout the day)

Side effects:

MCT was a life saver. It gave me a boost.
You pass a lot more water.
Very slight headache on and off throughout the day.
My tongue went “slightly” white.

Water diet Day 3:

I woke up with that slight headache again, but I thought “nuts to this” and took Alka-seltzer XS. After that, I had an awesome day. I wasn’t hungry, and most of the time, I was relaxed. At the end of the night I was a little worried because my kidneys hurt a bit. Plus, I had a few problems sleeping.

Supplements Used:

20ml of MCT Oil.


From food0 Kcals.(No food eaten).
From MCT0 Kcals.10ml at 12am, and 8pm.
From water (4 – 6 litres)Unknown.(Throughout the day)

Side effects:

I didn’t need MCT, but took it anyway.
Yes, you guessed it… You pass a lots water.
Slight headache in the morning.
My tongue went slightly white, and felt waxy at times.
Slight kidney pain (from the diet? Unknown).
Restless sleep (from the diet? Highly likely).
Hot flushes (only on patches of my body. Not all over).
Light headed and brain fog (now and then).

Carb Switch Day 4:

OK, so you maybe thinking, “why go through a water diet if all ya going to do is go back to carbs”. I guess the simple answer is… I have my reasons. Which I’m going to share with you in the coming months.

But for now…

The morning was a nightmare. I didn’t sleep much the night before, and my head and kidneys were hurting. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods. After about ten minutes of going about my day-to-day, I started to settle down. In fact, I felt good! To a point where I knew I could have gone another day without food quite easily.

But hey, I had a plan.

At this point I was in two minds:

  1. Should I make the switch back to carbs? I’ve come this far after all, whats another day?
  2. Why break a plan that’s working?

Ultimately, I chose to stick to the plan. Not because I wanted the results, but because I wanted a sausage, egg Mcmuffin meal with a large coffee. Mmm 🙂 Well, not Mmm as it turned out. Yes, I enjoyed eating it (very slowly), but it wasn’t doing it for me. I thought after not eating food for 3 days, the Mcmuffin was going to feel like heaven. Yeah, not so much!

Somewhere on this diet, something changed. The results coming soon.

What?!.. You want more!… Well…

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