Clear And Clean Are The Thoughts Of Will


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A Link Between Seed & Attraction

Willpower And The Choice Of Thought

Choosing what to absorb is like tugging on one of the many strings of light (pure and clean), and attaching that energy to your heart. From there you zoom along its path experiencing its up’s and downs, twists and turns, becoming one with this roller coaster ride of destiny.

There is no right or wrong to this energy, because it simply is what it is, another seed, path and/or journey (whatever you call it). The route has already been determined, along with its challenges. All that is missing is spirit, all that is missing is you.

But I wonder what holds us to the ride once it begins? There will be tribulations, questions of frustrations, excitement and the absent mind of calm days.

So what binds us to the ride?

Could it be willpower

Growing up I was told that willpower is the strength of ones will. A dogmatic determination to hold fast to a course of action. Even though I still believe this to be true today, I can’t escape the feeling of its subtly. For example, willpower could be explained as a form of focus and awareness of any given moment (living in the now).

If that’s the case, willpower bends and twists to the changing environment, until the environment is the new normal. Conscious to unconscious awareness.

Therefor the power used would be the essence behind:

The Choice

There’s one thing which remains constant when it comes to the power of will, your choices. If you’re aware of the moment you’re living in, then it stands to reason, your choices become powerful. It’s the promise of the action (or inaction), of which creates the reaction.

To me the power that everyone talks about when it comes to the choices we make, comes down to drive. Meaning of course, the motivation behind our actions.

We live in a complex world, I’m sure that’s something we all can agree on. So I think it’s best I leave it there for today. Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day!

Awareness + Drive + Choices  = Willpower


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